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Care Tips

Your pets give you a lifetime of unconditional love, loyalty, and friendship. In return, they count on you to provide them with food, water, safe shelter, regular veterinary care, exercise, companionship, and more. Take care of the essentials for your pets, and you'll develop a rewarding relationship with your furry friends.

Help Your Cat Feel More Relaxed About Visiting the Vet

Help your cat not be overwhelmed and hard to control during the next annual health check-up. View full story »»

Tips to Help Your Pet Cope With Storms

Summer's strong thunderstorms can mean experiencing ear-splitting bangs and bright bursts of light. Hear are some to tips to ease your pet's anxiety when thunderstorms are in the air. View full story »»

Diabetes in Pets

November is National Diabetes Month, learn more about an increasingly prevalent medical condition which can seriously affect our beloved pets. View full story »»

Be a Hero: Adopt a Senior Pet

Consider adopting a senior pet. Check out the many benefits. View full story »»

Using Crates & Barriers for Pet Safety

Learn more about why using crates/carriers and barriers, or designating areas in your home to house your pet, is not cruel or restrictive, but instead ensures your furry companion feels more calm and content. View full story »»

Natural Disaster Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Learn these steps to help you prepare for a natural disaster. View full story »»

Pet Nutrition 101

This article provides basic information about pet nutrition. Good, balanced nutrition is vital to your pet's overall health and longevity. Of equal importance to the basic nutrients your pet needs for optimal wellness is the quality of the source of those nutrients. View full story »»

Pets Be Prepared in the Event of Fire

In recognition of National Pet Fire Safety Day in July, we offer some tips about how pet owners can prepare in the event of a wildfire or house fire. View full story »»

Supporting Your Grieving Pet

Pets grieve the loss of other pets just as people do. Your own dog or cat may exhibit grief in a variety of ways and to varying degrees, depending on the pet's personality, and his relationship to and strength of bond with the deceased pet. View full story »»

Health and Behavioral Benefits of Spaying/Neutering Pets

Most pet owners know that the primary benefit of spaying and neutering dogs and cats is to decrease pet overpopulation. However, did you know that this common surgical procedure also brings significant health and behavioral benefits to your pets? View full story »»

Winter-Proofing Your Pets

When snow and temperatures begin to fall, pet owners are reminded to take extra steps to protect their furry pals from wintertime hazards. View full story »»

Keep Holiday Food Away From Your Pets

While one pet may be more tolerant of certain foods than the next, it is always better to be safe than sorry and keep your pet away from any of these foods. View full story »»

FUN FACTS About Dogs' Senses & Their Bodies

Fun Facts About Dogs View full story »»

Understanding & Managing Older Pets

Throughout their lives, our pets give us love, companionship, loyalty and more. As dogs and cats age, they rely on us to provide a little extra patience, attention and care to accommodate their changing needs. View full story »»

Fire Safety & Preparedness Tips for Pet Owners

Your pets are treasured family members and need protection as much as your own family in the event of fire. Sadly, some 500,000 pets are affected by fires each year, and for more than 40,000 of them, it proves fatal. Most fire victims die from smoke asphyxiation. A fire needs oxygen to burn, so lack of oxygen or inhaling smoke is more often the killer than the fire itself. View full story »»

Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Summertime should be a fun time for you and your pets. The following tips offer information on how to stay safe during some common summer activities and weather. View full story »»

Why Dogs Eat Poop - (Also Known as Coprophagia)

Although coprophagia (eating feces) is absolutely disgusting to people, it is a behavior natural to dogs. Yelling at your dog or jerking him away from feces is not an appropriate or effective solution. View full story »»

Why Do Dogs & Cats Eat Grass?

Most of us have seen our pet dog or cat nibble on grass. While this looks very strange indeed, it is actually quite common and rarely a cause for alarm. View full story »»

Make Safety a Priority for Pets AND People

Whether furry, finned or feathered, keeping your pet safe and healthy is important to you. However, as a pet owner, you also need to be vigilant about keeping yourself and your family safe from pet-related accidents or incidents. View full story »»

Tips to Introduce a New Dog to Your Resident Pets

Bringing a new dog into your home is an exciting time for you and your family, but can create stress for the resident non-humans among you--whether dog, cat, bird, or other pet. View full story »»

Keep Your Pets Safe From Poisons

National Poison Prevention Week (March 18-24) provides an opportunity to educate pet owners on how to prevent accidental poisonings in pets, most of which are from a pet ingesting a common toxic substance found in the home and yard. View full story »»

TEN Tips for Picking the Perfect Pet Sitter

Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect pet sitter. View full story »»

Banish Wintertime Boredom

Just as with humans, animals get bored when they don't have new and fun things to do. View full story »»

Why Dogs Need Social AND Physical Exercise

As pack animals, dogs require social stimulation, whether from other dogs or from people. View full story »»

Top Holiday Tips for Pet Owners

The best gift you can give your pets this holiday season is to keep them safe from stress or harm. View full story »»

Tips for Moving With Your Pets

Moving to a new home can be an exciting and stressful time for humans and pets. View full story »»

Pet Life Spans

Average life expectancies for a variety of household companions. View full story »»

Fruits & Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are an integral part of a healthy diet for any kind of pet! View full story »»

Tips for Adopting a Shelter Pet

Follow these tips to help you put a plan for success into place. View full story »»

Tips For Responsible Pet Ownership

Basic tips for responsible pet ownership to help you have a long and healthy relationship with your furry friends. View full story »»

How to Treat a Cat's Hairballs

What causes hairballs? Tips to treat hairballs. View full story »»

Reduce Shedding In Your Pets

Steps you can take to control and even reduce shedding in your pets. View full story »»

Understanding How to Show Affection to Pets

Build a solid foundation of respect and trust with your pet. View full story »»

Prepare Your Pets for a Visit to the Vet

Visiting the veterinarian can be scary for your pet. View full story »»

Top 10 Care Tips For Dog Owners

Take care of these "Top Ten Essentials" for your dog(s). View full story »»

Top 10 Care Tips For Cat Owners

Take care of these "Top Ten Essentials" for your cat(s). View full story »»

Top 10 Care Tips For Bird Owners

Take care of these "Top Ten Essentials" for your bird(s). View full story »»