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Home Care

While the care of your pet(s) is our #1 priority, G’day! will gladly provide additional home care services during our visits. Our home care service is free when combined with any other pet care service. You’ll have a more enjoyable vacation knowing that your home will continue to have that lived-in look and will be kept safe and tidy.

We also provide home care services even if you don’t have pets—just give us a call to schedule an appointment. The additional home care services we offer include:

•    Mail and newspaper retrieval
•    Open and close blinds
•    Turn lights on and off
•    Water plants
•    Internal safety check and external perimeter checks
•    In-home overnight stays (upon request)

Our pet and home services can be conveniently packaged by visit, by day, by weekend or for long vacations to accommodate your specific needs. Simply call your local G'day! Pet Care Pro for pricing and scheduling of your own customized package of services.

Pet-Waste Cleanup
Picking up after your pets doesn’t faze us a bit. No matter how many pets you have, we’ll come and do the dirty work for you. Be it in the yard, the litter box or a pet’s cage or habitat, all waste will get scooped and neatly bagged, allowing you more quality family time for you to spend with your pet.

Interested in Pricing Details?
If you are interested to learn about pricing for different services in your area, click here
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