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Pet Care

We fully appreciate how important your pets are to you, and we take pride in caring for them with our hearts as well as our heads. G’day! Pet Care Pros not only know their business, but they also realize that animals can sense how much we care.

The following G’day! Pet Care services are receiving “paws up” reviews.

Pet Sitting
Whether you’re at work, out of town or out for the evening, your pet needs daily lovin’ and attention to help him be a happy soul. We offer regularly scheduled visits (even overnight) to your home or a hotel to care for your pet(s)—that’s the core of our service. Here’s an overview of what these visits can include (depending upon your service package):

Dogs—sitting, feeding, playtime and walks, ensuring your beloved companion has both the physical exercise and social interaction needed to maintain long-term health physically, emotionally and mentally. Group socialization training (in conjunction with a Bark Busters Home Dog Training) and private boarding, along with a G'day! Pet & Home Report detailing our service.

Cats—sitting, feeding, and feline fun playtime, all tailored to the developmental stage of your cat. We'll keep the kittens entertained and the older cats feeling safe and secure when you are not home. Litter box cleaning and private boarding, along with a G'day! Pet & Home Report detailing our service.

Birds, Fish and Small Animals—care, feeding, habitat maintenance and personal interaction in the way you request, along with a G'day! Pet & Home Report detailing our service.

Dog Walking
We will design a walking plan tailored to fit your and your pet's requirements. You will arrive home to a calmer, happier companion and a G'day! Pet & Home Report detailing our adventure. You can count on us to provide your dog with fresh water and food, pick up his waste, clean his paws, and lavish him with all of the loving attention your furry friend deserves. 

Puppy Sitting
We love puppies! Puppies are extra fun, but they also require extra time and attention—starting with extra potty breaks. We’ll visit your pal at least twice a day to provide play and companionship and to take him outside for toileting and leg stretching. We’ll also be sure to follow your established training guidelines so he’ll continue to get the consistent schooling he needs to grow into a well-behaved dog, and we'll leave a G'day! Pet & Home Report detailing our service.

Private Boarding
Hey, some pets like to have a home away from home! While you’re off on a relaxing vacation, your pet will be having fun, too, basking in the ‘round-the-clock attention and care he’ll receive at the home of a G’day! Pet Care Pro. He’ll be treated as part of the family, take part in new adventures, and enjoy socializing and exercising with other pets and people.

Pet Transportation or Supply Pick-Up
Whether to the groomer, a doggie play date, the vet or the airport, we’ll drive your pet to wherever he needs to go. We use safe, sanitized pet carriers to transport your furry friend, and we’ll keep him company before, during and after his appointment. Whether one way or round trip, we’ll chauffeur your pet per your request. We can also help if you need us to pick up supplies.

Pet-Waste Cleanup
Please see our Home Care services.

Special-Needs Care
Do you have a beloved pet with a medical condition that requires special care? Perhaps your pet needs insulin or some other type of subcutaneous injection and/or therapy at a prescribed time of day. Relax—just call us and we’ll come when you’re away from home to provide the expert care your pal needs, when he needs it. Of course, he’ll get lots of pats and cuddles too, and we'll leave you a G'day! Pet & Home Report detailing our service.

Pet + Home Care
Our Home Care service is free when combined with any other pet care service. We also provide home care services even if you don’t have pets—
(see Home Care section). These services can be bundled by number of visits per day and number of days per week.